photo of Courtney Rice by Jenna Spence

photo of Courtney Rice by Jenna Spence

COurtney rice

OWNER, creative director, stylist

My name is Courtney Rice, and I am the owner and stylist behind Sunday Morning Hair. I practiced as an architect for over a decade before quitting my office job to pursue the freedom and creativity I found doing hair. I am an unabashed lover of mullets, shags, bowl cuts, frenchy bobs, and all things 70’s (I named the salon after a Velvet Underground song after all). I have lived in El Sereno for going-on 7 years, and have been a stylist for going-on ten.

My creative passion is what I like to call “undone” hair…meaning cuts designed to air dry beautifully with the hair’s natural texture. With cuts, I tend to work intuitively, valuing visual balance and suitability over precision, but my architecture background won’t let me get away from a good structural foundation, and an understanding of the spacial geometry around the face. I typically cut hair dry with a scissor, or wet with a razor, or a combo of both (depending on what’s appropriate for your hair type, texture, and desired end result). Colorwise, I love to do very lived-in and low-maintenance applications which mimic nature, meaning they simulate what the sun would naturally do. (But if you are into extreme color such as platinum or fashion tones, I have excellent referrals). I also love grey hair and will definitely try to talk you out of dying your roots.

My educational background includes training from such talented educators and education programs as Ramirez Tran, Tracey Cunningham, Jay Edwards, Lune Wynyard, Meredith Blake, Kara Richard, Alejandra Abloom, Renee Gadar, Pony Salon, Nick Arrojo, Prive, Sassoon, Toni and Guy, Jayne Matthews, Jude Viola, Julia Patton, Gaelle Secretin, and American Crew Education to name a few. I continue to pursue continuing education with a passion, and plan to do so for the length of my career, so I’ll always be learning and developing new techniques to bring to my services, and to stay current.

I look forward to meeting you. When you look good, you feel good, so let’s make the world a better place one haircut at a time.